Seaside resort among the most prestigious in Europe.

The ocean, with its powerful waves, has made Biarritz a surf spot known all around the world.

In addition to exploring the city, its beaches, its narrow streets, its casino, many activities available:

  • Surfing
  • Riding
  • Golf
  • Walks in the Basque country,
  • Thalassotherapy.

And of course do not miss the specialties of our country: Gourmet (cooking with pepper from Espelette, the axoa, the Bayonne ham, the chipirones, lamb cheese, the Basque cake and the favourite macaroons of the Empress Eugenie) and sports (the Basque pelota of course!)

« Je ne sache pas d’endroit plus charmant et plus magnifique que Biarritz … »
Victor Hugo