Villa Sanchis was built in 1904 by Colonel Vicente Sanchis y Guillen, he was close of King of Spain Alfonso XIII, he was also a man of letters. He has been deputy of the Cortes in Cuba, and then Commander of the place of Bilbao. Finaly he became officer of the Légion d’Honneur in France.
Subsequently, the General and Count Grégoire Nostitz, Chief of the Imperial Guard of Tsar Nicolas II, and Tsar’s personal representative to the Allies in 1917, bought the Villa Sanchis and settled in Biarritz .
His wife, Countess Nostitz, American-born and a former member of the famous « Palmer Company” in New York, was regarded in Russia as one of the great ladies of the Tsarist regime, highly educated and able to speak five languages. She later described this period of her life, in her book « Romance and Revolutions”. She organized much appreciated afternoon of bridge or mah-jong and tea dancing at the Villa Sanchis. The Count Nostitz died in 1926 in Biarritz.
Two and a half years after the count death’s, the countess married in a second wedding a Sevillane family son’s, who was Manolo Dionisio Fernandez y Azabal  called « the Andalusian of Biarritz or the best of gentlemen bullfighters”. After the religious ceremony, a « modest »  reception with 81 guests was given at the Villa Sanchis.
In September 1952, Fernandez y Azabal gave a farewell party at the Villa Sanchis.
The Villa was later bought by a family of wealthy wholesalers who kept it for many years.